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Print Edition of Discovery Now Available

The print version of the book Discovery is now available for pruchace from DriveThruFiction (a sister site of DriveThruRPG and RPGNow).  I've updated the cover (seen at right) to the final artwork as originally intended and fixed up some of the errors in the book itself as well.  For more details on the book check out the Discovery page here at New Frontier Games.  To purchace a copy of the book jump on over to the Discovery product page on DriveThruFiction.

Announcing Star Clash

Rumors tell of vast fleets of ships being amassed in the far reaches of the galaxy. Fleets that will vie with one another for control of the space ways. No quarter is expected and none will be given in a battle to eliminate all opposition as these fleets clash among the stars.

Star Clash is a quick play card game of spaceship combat where you control a fleet of ships and attempt to eliminate your opponents while keeping your ships intact. Action cards provide ammo for your ship's weapons, minefields, and other cards you can play to inflict damage on enemy ships as well as repair, reinforcements, and other cards that can help to preserve your fleet and keep it in the battle.

Star Clash is a print and play card game now available from New Frontier Games.  For full details on the game including where to buy it, jump over to the Star Clash product page.

Discovery now available!

Discovery cover

The book Discovery, by Tom Stephens, is now available for download. Check out the Discovery product page for more details.


Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new website design. We will be evolving the design over the next few months to get it to the form we really want. There's not much here at the moment but feel free to browse around.

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