2017 Solar Eclipse Glasses

eclipse glasses with dark, solar-safe lenses and the sea to shining sea commemorative print.

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will cross the contintental United States, starting in Oregon and racing all the way across the country to South Carolina.  You can find full details about the eclipse and its path on this NASA Eclipse website.

While it's possible to observe the solar corona with your naked eyes during totality, viewing the sun at any other time without protective eyewear can cause serious damage.  These glasses provide the protection needed in order safely view the sun during the eclipse (or any other time if you just want to watch for sunspots).  The glasses have a commemorative 2017 pattern as well as instructions printed on them for safe solar viewing.

Each pair of glasses is only $1.00, probably the cheapest you can find them anywhere on-line without buying them in bulk.  We provide free shipping on orders of 10 or more.  Otherwise, there is a flat $3.00 shipping and handling fee for smaller orders.  The glasses are mailed by normal First Class mail in the United States only.

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