Retro Sci-fi Starship Dice Tower

Painted image of the dice tower with dice for scale.

Modeled on the lines of the old retro sci-fi ships from the pulp era, this dice tower stands just under 9" tall and the landing pad (dice tray) is about 5.5" in diameter. The towers are 3D printed and come in two pieces: the ship itself and the dice tray. They are shipped unpainted but with the printing support material removed. This model has the ship poised above the landing pad with the dice coming out all sides of the ship. This tower will handle standard polyhedral dice (up to 23mm). Select your ship and base colors before ordering. They don't have to be the same but the default is white for both.

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$20.00 + Shipping
Product Type: 
3D Printed Object

Tower Plastic Color
Base Plastic Color


Joy Cohn's picture

Hi - I love my standard sized tower, but frequently one or more dice hop the fence and dance across the table. I'm starting to wish I'd gotten the side dish version, and have been musing about how to mitigate the problem.

I think it might have looked better if the bottom of the ship wasn't a flat circle, I would think it should be easy to redesign the end of the cone to look like the business end of a rocket nozzle.If that's not hollow, it's a lot of plastic.

Thanks for this. I'll take the link and the tower with me to Dundracon.

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